Do you need entertainment for a corporate event? Anxious about who you choose? No-one wants to be made a fool off and choosing the right entertainment package is crucial to ensuring everyone has a great time.

You might be under a lot of pressure, or keen to finally close those business deals. So organising entertainment could be the least of your worries, but it’s important that you get it right.

Why our mobile disco DJs are so great

We pride ourselves in only hiring the best DJs and this means that all of our mobile acts are professional and well-dressed. For all events, the standard dress code is suit and tie, but should you require an alternative style, then we can accommodate this.

Because our corporate events team are the best DJs in Shropshire, they are not only energetic and enthusiastic but work hard to ensure that every event runs smoothly and perfectly. This means that they’re keen and eager to impress, and even willing to help out with a few extra jobs if necessary.

For most of our mobile disco DJs, performing to crowds is their livelihood and this means that they take great pride on what they do, endeavouring to ensure every performance is perfect.

We supply all of our corporate event DJs with the best equipment and correct training so they know how to use it. With regular quality testing, we ensure that all the equipment is in top condition and able to perform perfectly. Because we always invest well in our equipment, we can guarantee pristine sound quality.

Before the event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team to discuss your music tastes. You’ll be able to specify music you don’t want to be played whether that’s a genre, album or artist and we’ll always screen songs so that explicit lyrics aren’t played.

Contact us today for a no obligation custom quote and ensure that your corporate event is entirely successful!