Are you planning a children’s disco? Then you need one of Shropshire’s leading children’s disco DJs. We source acts from all over to bring you the best in the industry.

All of our children’s disco acts are DBS checked ad have extensive experience working with children. Where many party DJs will just play music, our DJs get involved with the kids and create a fantastic and lively atmosphere that they’ll all enjoy.

Not only do our Shropshire DJs have a collection of over 10,000 songs to choose from, they have timeless classics that all children will know and love. Our children’s disco DJs also come fully equipped with games to play including some classics such as musical bumps, musical statues and Simon says.

If you wish to supply the children’s disco DJ with a pre-wrapped package, then pass the parcel is an option too. Because our acts engage with the children this way, it enables a more relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. The children will feel more at ease with their DJ and guarantee a great time.

We also ask for parents to supply a multi-bag of sweets available for dance-off competitions and impromptu fun. Name badges are also advised for the children. By using their first names, without the need to ask, develops a connection between child and adult in which the child will feel more reassured.

All of our party DJs have access to the best equipment that offers a pristine sound quality. They will be able to discuss all the planning with you beforehand and you will have the opportunity to direct the music taste, whether there is a particular genre you would or wouldn’t like to hear. And your expert Shropshire DJ will even make sure to note down particular favourites with the children.

Nor matte the occasion, a children’s disco is perfect for them to run around, dance like mad and let off some steam. And with the number one DJ supplier in Shropshire, you’ll have a great time.